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You can use this online facility to donate to the rescue fund of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain . Every now and then a Pyrenean Mountain Dog somewhere in the UK becomes homeless through no fault of his own. As you probably know, these dogs are very special and need special care and attention whilst we find him a new home. Your donations help us to give these dogs the help they need. You can donate using the donate button below and you can do so at any time. Thank you for your continued support. Please read the box below (how to use this donation facility) before you click the ‘donate’ button.
Secure transactions are conducted via PayPal secure online money transfer. You are not required to have a PayPal account or to open a PayPal account - you can pay with most debit/credit cards. When you go to payments you are transferred from this site to the secure and encripted PayPal site where your card details are handled securely and confidentially.
How to use this donation facility. The standard donation amount is set at £10 and then you can add multiples of this amount when you are at checkout.
When you click the ‘donate’  button you will be taken to the shopping cart which will show 1 donation of £10
Click in the quantity box and delete the number 1 then insert the quantity you want to donate (i.e. if you wanted to donate £50 then enter 5 which will be 5 times £10 = £50) Then click the recalculate button You can then click proceed to checkout
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